How to: Flea Market

“Berliner trödelmarkt” is a concept. And there’s quite a few of them.

Which one’s the original flea market is debatable, some people will say “Straße des 17. Juni” in Tiergarten, but that’s not necessary where you should waste your time and money on a Sunday.

Mauerpark is located where the Berlin Wall made a sharp bend in Prenzlauer Berg. Every Sunday there’s a big market with a great variety of things being sold, from cheap to quite expensive. You’ll find people clearing out their garage alongside regular merchants selling everything from furniture, old vhs tapes, clothes, vintage eyewear, china and sticky tape in different colors. Take your time, there’s a lot to see. And when you’re hungry, there’s also a lot to eat and drink. Try the famous (vegan) Sun Day burger, for example. When? Every Sunday. See map below for directions to all markets.

Rathaus Schöneberg is a typical community market with basically everything. A lot of books and clothes but also electronics, an occasional handgun, and toys. Mostly private sellers, but also some “professionals”. Not much to eat here, apart from the mandatory Wurst stand. When? Every Saturday and Sunday.

Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain is also a venue for a weekly flea market. This is one’s featuring the same mix as in Mauerpark, but is slightly less expensive. If you’re looking for GDR memorabilia you might have some luck here. There are a lot of cafés and small restaurants around Boxhagener Platz, so you don’t need leave this place when you get hungry. When? Every Sunday.

70′s design stuff

Arkonaplatz is the place if you’re looking for 60’s and 70’s design stuff. The flea market has a long history, there have been markets at this square since 1912. Located in hip Mitte, needless to say, the prices aren’t exactly cheap. When? Every Sunday.

Friedrichshagen is quite a S-Bahn ride from the city, but if you’re a collector of East German design and other GDR stuff such as army hats or books and magazines, this is the market for you. There’s a grand flea market during the street fest “Bölschefest” every year in May, and every Sunday in December there’s a Xmas market. When? Almost every Sunday, check before you go (quite a ride there, you know).

Nachtflohmarkt Early mornings not your style? Still would like to make a bargain? Then SO36’s Nachtflohmarkt is the place for you. Once in the middle of every month (on a Wednesday) you can get your hands on clothes, accessories and crafts from Kreuzberg, whilst sipping on a beer and listening to some tunes. And don’t worry about the rain, this market is indoors. When? Once a month. Check this link for dates.

Straße des 17. Juni Well, we must at least tell you about this market. It’s quite big, has been there for over 30 years, and there’s a lot of old stuff for sale. We’re not that impressed, but if you’ve got the time, by all means, check it out. When? (almost) Every Saturday and Sunday.

Flea Markets

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How to get there

Bernauer Straße 45
10435 Berlin, Tyskland

Martin-Luther-Straße 105
10825 Berlin, Tyskland

Strasse des 17. Juni 108
10623 Berlin

10245 Berlin, Tyskland

10435 Berlin, Tyskland

Berlin, Tyskland

Oranienstraße 190
10999 Berlin, Tyskland