The Concerned Expat

Is there more to expat life than walking up and down Weserstraße drinking Club-Mate while tweeting your daily outfit? Actually, yes. You could give something back to Berlin, and support the city you first fell in love with.

Berlin is rapidly changing, not only to the better. Fellow expats Ami and Anders has given birth to “The Berlin Expat Integration Project”, an initiative that aims to support Berliners that can’t afford top-notch education for their kids, homeless people and others far away from living la dolce vita in gentrified neighborhoods.

In her blog Ami gives a few examples on what you could contribute with.

• Music/dj/art/dance/programming/whatever school for kids or teens
• Extra German/English/French/Spanish lessons
• Mentoring kids about work and career possibilities (read: be yourself)
• Helping out in a soup kitchen for homeless people
• Play cards, chatting about life and hanging out with people who are most of the time bullied and very seldom taken seriously
• Whatever you can come up with

Head over to the blog post (link below) to find out how you can participate.