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Stop-Acta Rally
Protest Acta Rally in Berlin. Image from video

Join the Stop-Acta Rally in Berlin

In mid-June the European Parliament will decide on the ACTA treaty. ACTA, or The “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”, is an immense threat again the free internet as we know it today. On Saturday there’s an international day of action against ACTA. In Berlin there will be massive rally on the streets to protest the treaty. – Berlinow

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Taste Festival

Berlin Taste Festival. Photo: Esbjörn Guwallius/Berlinow

The Taste Festival in Berlin is a ten day long event, celebrating design and food. The festival is a must for food enthusiasts as well as industry professionals.

Ever wondered where your food comes from, before it ends up in the supermarket or on your plate? At the Taste Festival you can learn about the sourcing of ingredients. Find out more around the experimentation behind the dishes and the cultural significance of dining.

The ten day program includes presentations, workshops, mini-markets, film screenings and parties. One of the more interesting events, in our humble opinion, is the Berlin Coffee Society presentation on Friday June 8th. Cory Andreen, the current German SCAE Cup Tasting Champion, will hold a talk about “the forgotten taste potentials and qualities of coffee”. Single-origin coffees will be freshly brewed cup for cup with an old preparation method at the Coffee Society’s Brew Bar. You will also have to chance to try cascara, a coffee cherry tea with a real natural sweetness and notes of plums and raisins.


The Concerned Expat


How You Can Support the City You Love

Photo: craig Cloutier/flickr[source]CC BY-SA 2.0

Is there more to expat life than walking up and down Weserstraße drinking Club-Mate while tweeting your daily outfit? Actually, yes. You could give something back to Berlin, and support the city you first fell in love with.

Berlin is rapidly changing, not only to the better. Fellow expats Ami and Anders has given birth to “The Berlin Expat Integration Project”, an initiative that aims to support Berliners that can’t afford top-notch education for their kids, homeless people and others far away from living la dolce vita in gentrified neighborhoods.

In her blog Ami gives a few examples on what you could contribute with.

• Music/dj/art/dance/programming/whatever school for kids or teens
• Extra German/English/French/Spanish lessons
• Mentoring kids about work and career possibilities (read: be yourself)
• Helping out in a soup kitchen for homeless people
• Play cards, chatting about life and hanging out with people who are most of the time bullied and very seldom taken seriously
• Whatever you can come up with

Head over to the blog post (link below) to find out how you can participate.

Via Berlin – En kärlekshistoria


Twist: Berlin vs London


Update: The event is postponed – read more below

Twist Berlin #2

Montage: Berlinow. Photo: Berlinow (Fernsehturm) & Simone Graziano Panetto/Flickr (Big Ben).[source]CC BY 2.0

In just a week Berlin and London will battle out which city is the king of the European startup scene. Three London startups will compete against three companies from Berlin.

Jason Calacanis, co-founder of the ThisWeekIn network, and his sidekick Tyler Crowley will pick the show’s best three pitches. The Berlin startups will pitch from Ahoy! Berlin co-working space, with a live stream between Berlin, London, and the hosts in Los Angeles.

Before the actual battle, there will be a pre-competition where a jury will select Berlin’s top three startups for the event. After the show there will be a big party to celebrate the winners.

Here’s the schedule for June 8th
19:00–21:00: Pre-competition
21:00–22:00: Live show
22:00–open end: Aftershow party

Update: The Berlin vs London Twist event is postponed. A new date will be announced soon. Read more here.