Give Meat a Face

Meet the pig you are about to eat – On Facebook.

Despite being involved in the meat industry himself, agriculture student Dennis Buchmann from Berlin thinks we consumes too much meat. He’s running Meine Kleine Farm, a company that is literally giving meat a face. On their sausage there’s a photo of the pig who had to contribute with it’s life for it to be made.

The average German eats about 37 pigs during his lifetime, and the consumption is growing. Last year 60 million pigs were slaughtered, and 5.6 million tons of pork products were manufactured, 100 000 tonnes more than the year before.

On Meine Kleine Farm’s Facebook page people can vote for the next pig to be slaughtered. There’s a limit on how close you can get to your next meal though. You can’t friend the pig on Facebook just yet.