How to: Shop Organic

Berlin is the perfect city for an organic lifestyle. The range of organic foods and other everyday products is enormous.

In Germany and especially in Berlin, there are numerous shops that specialize in organic products. Everything sold in these supermarkets are organically grown or produced.

Alnatura is one of the German organic chains, and our favorite. Everything in the Alnatura stores looks and feels very fresh, manual cheese and bread counters as well as fruit and vegetables. The chain has many products under its own brand, these are often less expensive than products from other producers and usually of high quality. Alnatura has seven stores in Berlin. The largest is on Greifswalder Straße 89 in the outskirts of Prenzlauer Berg.

Bio Company has 22 stores in Berlin. Maybe not always as fresh as Alnatura, but they has a very wide selection in their larger stores. In the entrance to all supermarkets is a small Imbiss, which also sells bread and coffee, organic of course.

Viv Biofrischemarkt is the second largest chain in Berlin with its eight stores. Here you’ll find everything you need for your weekly shopping. Not the most exciting store, but if you live nearby a Viv, it’ll do just fine. A bakery shop with a good selection is available in all stores.

Europe’s largest

LPG Biomarkt has six stores in Berlin, one of them Europe’s largest organic supermarket. On two stories, covering more than 1 600 square meters, you’ll find Berlin’s widest range of organic products. In addition to food it features a large department with cosmetic and hygiene products. There’s also a bistro, and a bakery with a coffee shop. The address is Kollwitzstraße 17 in Prenzlauer Berg. Some of the other five LPG branches are also relatively large, compared to other chains.

Kiepert & Kutzner has only one store, but a really good one. Personal style, fresh and well-stocked fruit and vegetable department, manual cheese and deli counters, cool music in the speakers and free tea and mineral water make this institution in Prenzlauer Berg a winner.

Veganz is not 100 percent organic, but almost everything in the supermarket is grown and produced organically. The special thing with Veganz? Every single product is vegan. There’s vegan pizza, sausage, cheese, fake chicken … and the list can easily get very, very long. They also have a coffee shop with bakery, which features and vegan cakes and cookies among other goodies. Veganz is open on Sundays (which is uncommon in Germany), when they also serves a vegan brunch.

“Bio” is short for biologisch, the German word for organic.

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Good to know out ‘Berliner’ friends have organic food stores to shop at! Next time I’m in Berlin I’ll know where to shop.

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