The Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, where the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest were held. Photo: Frédéric de Villamil/flickr

Germany’s Star for Baku


Artist rendering of the new airport (source: gmp Architekten, JSK International, Björn Rolle, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg).

Due to fire safety problems, Berlin’s brand new airport (BER) will not open on June 3rd as planned.

The opening of the Berlin Brandenburg International airport has been delayed once before, the original opening date was in November 2011. The problem this time is fire and disaster prevention, the reporting channels as well as door barriers.

A new opening date has not been set, as it’s still unclear when the new airport can be opened. August, or maybe September, officials say. The safety goes first.

Update: BER will not open until March 2013.


A German ICE train at Copenhagen central station. Photo: Berlinow

We’ve all got used to low cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair, but how about budget rail companies?

This fall Deutsche Bahn (DB) will get some competition on the busy line Berlin – Cologne. The rail company MSM is launching a low cost alternative, and will offer their tickets from 19 euros. The cheapest ticket on DB is 29 euros. While DB runs around 40 trains per day between Berlin and Cologne via Hamburg, MSM will offer just two daily connections with its high speed trains.

MSM is not the only private rail company in Germany. InterConnex has competed with Deutsche Bahn for several years now with it’s train line Rostock – Leipzig via Berlin. Tickets are available from 14 euros.

Via The Local