How to: Find Somewhere to Sleep

You’re used to hostels being the cheapest way (apart from coach surfing) to stay when you’re abroad. In Berlin there’s a much cozier alternative for the same price, at least if you’re traveling together with someone.

How to: Be a Legal Alien

The German bureaucracy likes to keep an eye on you. And it might be something in it for you as well.

How to: Flea Market

“Berliner trödelmarkt” is a concept. And there’s quite a few of them.

How to: Shop Vintage

London, Paris or New York seems like the most obvious choices for the hunting fashionista. But be aware, Berlin has several hidden secrets when it comes to this Gebiet.

How to: Get Some Turkish

This is not your usual hipster style street market. The Maybachufer market is The Real Turkish Deal.