Guggenheim Flees Kreuzberg

Threats of attacks from residents could cancel the Berlin leg of the BMW Guggenheim Lab tour, scheduled to open in Kreuzberg this May.

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is “exploring how to make urban environments more responsive to people’s needs, how to strike a balance between notions of individual versus collective comfort, and how to meet the urgent need for environmental and social responsibility,” according to their homepage. The tour started in New York last fall, and Berlin was going to be its second stop.

The Kreuzberg protesters are fearing that the exhibition could lead to increased gentrification and higher rents. If the Berlin leg is going to be cancelled all together or moved to Prenzlauer Berg has not yet been settled.

Update: The BMW Guggenheim Lab will take place at Pfefferberg, an old factory area in Prenzlauer Berg. The lab will open three weeks later than planned, the new date is June 15 2012.

Via The Local