Berliner Bank (file). Photo: Thomas Quine/flickr

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Summer in Prenzlauer Berg. Photo: Berlinow

New York 10, London 14, Paris 12 … Berlin 23 degrees!

Summer arrived today, and we all hope it’ll stay for a very long time. This weekend is promising at least, the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is 27 degrees and plenty of sunshine. So pack that bag with your “drug” of choice and try to find a spot in one of Berlin’s countless parks. Or just head for the nearest bar with outdoor seating. Here are some images from today in Prenzlauer Berg.

Eselsbrücke. Photo: Berlinow

Gemütliches Ashtray

Ever wanted to crawl into an ashtray? Despite (or maybe perhaps) the dense smoke this neighborhood Kneipe, with an impressive selection of whiskey and beer, is one of most relaxed places in Prezlauer Berg. Eselsbrücke roughly translates to mnemonic, a device to aid memory. We’re not sure if that’s what this place does best. – Berlinow

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Meta Mate Bar

Straßburger Straße 16, 10405 Berlin

Business Hours Tuesday – Friday: 10.00–18.00, Saturday: 11.00–16.00.

U2 Senefelderplatz

Mate as it’s normally served – as tea (file). Photo: Taras Kalapun/flickr[source]CC BY 2.0

Club-Mate is the drink of choice in Berlin’s startup community. Since a few weeks there’s a new Mate in town, Mier, a mate-beer.

Fabricio do Canto, a member of the German Pirate Party, is the man behind the new beverage.

“At the pirate meetings people always bring beer and Club-Mate. That’s why I came up with the idea of combining the two”, says the pirate to Berliner Zeitung daily.

Right now, Mier is only available in Fabricio’s Meta Mate Bar in Prenzlauer Berg for 3 euros a pop, but soon you might also find it in a kiosk and a few restaurants in Berlin.

Via Berliner Zeitung