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How to: Get Some Turkish


The Turkish Street Market in Neukölln

Oriental Wochenmarkt

Maybachufer 1, 12047 Berlin

Business Hours Tuesday and Friday: 11 am – 6.30 pm.

U8 Schönleinstraße

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The map can be found further down this page.

A map with the addresses can be found further down this page

The Turkish street market in Neukölln. Photo: Esbjörn Guwallius/Berlinow

This is not your usual hipster style street market. The Maybachufer market is The Real Turkish Deal.

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Tomatoes, watermelons, steaming hot gözleme and börek, all kinds of cheese, freshly made quark, clothes, and fabric. This sizzling market has it all, and it’s dead cheap. A kilogram of bananas or three avocados for 1 euro, one meter of fabric 1,50 euro or a mouth watering, freshly baked gözleme for just over a euro.

Even if you’re not that into shopping, this place is worth a trip to Neukölln. You’ll hear a constant buzzing of merchants shouting out their offers, and every other meter you’re introduced to a new (mostly pleasant) smell. Be prepared push and squeeze a bit, this place is almost always crowded.

The Maybachufer market is open every Tuesday and Friday from noon to 6.30 pm. There’s also a smaller “sister” to this market in Schöneberg, at the end of Crellestraße. Open every Wednesday and Saturday. See map below.

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