An iPad horror story (still from video).

An iPad Horror Story in German

Illustrative image (this person and the particular computer has nothing to do with the article). Photo: Elvert Barnes/flickr[source]CC BY 2.0

Looking for a job? Look out for scammers! A Berlin duo has robbed two women who replied to their fake job ad.

The two men placed a fake job advertisement on a website. At the interview, the applicants were told that they needed to buy a computer to be able to get the job. The first woman payed for the computer, then the men told her that they had to keep it for while to install a necessary application. She never saw her money, nor the computer again.

The second woman refused to buy the computer and left the interview. The men then followed her to a underground parking garage and robbed her. Police has not yet been able to catch the fraudulent duo.



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